Iphone Xs MAX have a serious issue

Finally apple responded to the chargegate with an update.

Apple finally responds to the chargegate which is a wired things some of the new apple iphone Xs were having. In this problem some of the iphone did not charge after connecting the lighting cable in ideal or sleep mode . Everyone was irritated from the problem and why would any not be irritated as one had spent almost $1100 on a smartphone , but apple as of the best consumer service provider , responded this issue with an update as ios 12.0.1 .

This update also fix some other issue like the issue in which iphone Xs devices would rejoin to a Wi-Fi network at 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz , and some other issue in which subtitles would not appear and bluetooth becomes unavailable . This is good to see that apple responded to it’s costumer ASAP .





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