Fortinte is an online Third person shooter video game first released in 2017 by epic games . The game is successful hit and the game has generated a  125 million player in less than a year and has earned hundreds of millions of dollars per month . The game was a big hit on PC and console the game was released on ios in April of 2018 and the game and for nintendo switch in june of 2108 but after the release of another popular android game pubg the android community is waiting for a long time for the releasr of the fortnite on android devices.

Earlier the games was available on request on the fortnite’s official site the player first have to send a request to the fortnite via their official site an the epic games in return send them an email with a download ink of the installer from which the game can be installed .

Now the game is on open download without any request but is not available on play store . To  download the game we first need to download the installer from the installer from their official site .

To install the game follow some simple steps.

  1.  click  Here and click on play free now
  2. fortnite
  3. After that click on GET STARTED and then press DOWNLOAD

fortnite 4fortnite 1

3:- After download install the the fortnite installer and open it . 

after opening the installer  click on install and then launch it

fortnite 9fortnite 4



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