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Top 15 jobs in 2018 which would earn you a fortune.

Choosing a career is sometimes difficult as one want to go for the one that pays well . As everyone need a full on bank balance and a lots of money to spend . However, finding a high-paying job is not as easy as it sounds . As to get a high-paying jobs one requires years and years of education and hard work to achieve success and the fruit of which will be automatically a high-paying job. But if you also wants to build a fortune check out our list of the top 15 highest-paying jobs in the world in 2018.

15. Physical Therapist

Helping a patient to walk again and relieving a patient back ache are some of the work of a physical therapist .  It’s a  challenging job but seemed to be a bit boring . You don’t know what type of patient you would have to cure and how hard it will be to treat them, but at the end this hard job will pay you well . Average salary: $69,600

14. Software Developer

It is not big of a surprise that in this age of increasing internet a software developer is not in the list of top 15 paying-jobs . These experts know how to make websites , blogs , e-shops and apps . They also have an extra benefits of freelancing services they can provide and by contracts from the big companies that can add up some extra cash in the bank. Average salary: $69,500

13. Lawyer

The job of an lawyer is respected all over the world . Lawyer can be an ideal job for you if you are the one who looks for justice . The job of a lawyer may be demanding as one has to tight on his schedule and it also require years of studies and work experience. Average salary: $81,900

12. IT Manager

The job of an IT manager is highly in demand . The job of an IT manager is to protect the office network from hackers and malware by keeping an eye on the software and hardware and supervising the upgrades of software and hardware and any other technical issues that may arise . Average salary: $85,000

11. Pilot

To become a pilot one not only needs high levels of education and training but also need to meet the physical requirements . for example , British Airways requires all pilots to be between 5.1 feet and 6.4 feet in height and pass Class 1 medical test which includes test on fitness , hearing and vision. Average salary: $100,500

10. Podiatrist

Podiatrist is a doctor , a physician and  a surgeon who treats foot , ankle and related body organs related to leg. Podiatrists has to complete four years of training in a podiatric medical school and in addition to that a three years of hospital residency training. Average salary: $125,000

9. Dentist

Currently Dentist are in great demand in the world . As a dentist you will be checking and are responsible for the issues with the mouth , teeth and gums. Average salary: $125,600

8. Nurse

A nurse anesthetist has to play huge part in very critical conditions . As a nurse anesthetist you are the in charge of administering the right amount of anesthetist through injections and inhaled gases . To become a specialist in anesthetist one needs to gain a master’s degree from an accredited nurse-anesthetist programs. Average salary: $140,000

7. Paediatrician

A paediatrician is a medical expert specializing in children and their diseases. You can do this job if you love babies and children . As a paediatrician you will be responsible for checking the physical , mental and social health of the children and babies . Average salary: $145,900

6. CEO

A CEO has the ultimate authority to take every decisions of the company . In order to become a CEO one needs years of hard work to gain the gain the management skills . The salary of a CEO varies from the size of the organization you are working for . Average salary: $162,000

5. Prosthodontist

They are specialist in treating dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing tooth and jaw structures . A Prosthodontist is generally considered as dental plastic surgeons .
Average salary: $162,400          

4. Orthodontist

These expert are responsible for fixing crooked smiles , adjusting regular bites and correcting the structure of the teeth with the help of braces and other things . In order to become a orthodontist you will need to complete a postgraduate degree after you obtain your initial dental degree. Average salary: $168,800

3. Psychiatrist

It is not a big of a surprise that doctors treating mental are in this list  . As a psychiatrist you will get to listen to other’s people problems and to find the root cause is your work , and ultimately you get pain for it as this job is sometimes tricky for particular situations . To become qualified , you’ll be needing a hard study of several years and specialise in the particular area of medicine . Average salary: $197,500  

2. Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist’s job is to help woman to maintain her reproductive system , and are responsible for any of the issues in reproductive system of the woman . As a gynaecologist you would be performing laser surgery to remove HPV cells , delivering a baby and many more.. Average salary: $209,600  

1. Surgeon

A surgeons is undoubtedly the most respected doctors in the world , and that’s the reason they deserve to take the top spot on this list . They not only train as a doctor but spend additional number of years specialising in a specific field of surgery . As a simple day work a surgeon is responsible for carrying out important surgeries that may change or save life . Average salary: $258,900        

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