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IOS 12.0.1 is out and here why you should skip it

Apple’s released an IOS 12.0.1 update for especially for the new Iphone Xs and Xs max . The new apple devices are not having fun with their new software . Since the new software is out people reported problems related to Wi-Fi connectivity . While the update fix the  charging issue it has now led to newer issues.

A number of iPhone users have reported that they are facing problems like broken calls. Some user reported in  poor network and signal connectivity, and a more severe battery drainage issue.

An iPhone also reported that his iphone’s battery drained from 94% to 88% in 20 minutes after making a voice call.

Some users are also facing issues with FaceTime. The picture quality on the facetime is terrible. While some of the user reported  that their app and files deleted after installing the new update . Their is also a problem in iMesseges to in which the personal messages is delivered to wrong and multiple people . Users also reported that their iphone 6s ios 12.0.1 . after connecting the USB cable to mac computer their iphone still would not charge until unlocked.

“Apple is telling users that iMessage accidentally sending messages to wrong people is actually a feature for iOS 12.0.1 and it is happening because Iphone is now organising all contacts by Apple ID, so if any of the  family members or friends of yours share an ID all those messages will be  shared simultaneously with everyone who has that ID,”

So it is recommended that one should wait for some time for apple to release the new update.


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