Iphone Xs MAX have a serious issue

Iphone Xs MAX have a serious issue

Everyone has been waiting for the new iphones to be launched . Now  our wait is over and the new iphones have been released. The new iphones comes with minor issues at it’s new stages like it has a very highly enabled beauty mode enabled in it’s front camera. But it has one main issue in common and apple has not have been given an official response . And the issue is common in many device around the globe .

Iphone Xs MAX have a serious issue


The new device has been coming with a serious problem of not detecting the lighting cable for charging on the sleep mode . In simple words the phone fails to detect your standard wall charger and won’t charge on standby mode and some of the phone reported to be frozen and had an automatic reset .

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As far as the solutions fliping their lighting cable over helps some users out (this means that their is a hardware flaw in the lighting port ) but the simple alternative is wireless charging but this is not ideal as it reduces battery’s health .

As apple has sold millions of units of the new iphones and  we can’t conclude how wide spread of a issue is this , but based on the information of the surveys and hundred’s of comments across recent forums and social media this seems to be quite significant.

We don’t know that if this issue can be fixed by a normal software update or not . This is only on apple official response that if the issue can be fixed with a update or if there would be a wider product recall .

We’ll be updating you once the apple gives it’s response .


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