The Pixel Slate Google’s first Chrome OS tablet and costs $599/71286.99NPR

The Pixel Slate Google’s first Chrome OS tablet costs $599/71286.99NPR

Google organize hardware event and at today’s(oct 9 2018) event, Rick Osterloh, Senior Voice president of Hardware announced the company making a new tablet, dubbed the Pixel Slate. This 2-in-1 marks the first time the company has used its Chrome OS in one of its own tablets.

The picture of image has been already leaked and we have already seen its picture, and it looks like they were right on the money. The Pixel Slate is the new flagship device which is designed to work on the Chrome OS. It will come with 8MP front- and rear-facing cameras as well as dual front-facing speakers and a 293 ppi display, and can be unlocked via fingerprint sensor like as in MI. Each variant of the device will also come with an Intel processor, from a Celeron on the cheapest to a 8th Gen i7 on the most expensive.

The Pixel Slate also comes with a backlit folio keyboard with a track pad however The keyboard has to be purchased separately, but seems to compliment the device fairly well and doubles as a cover and stand. It doesn’t need to be charged or paired with the Pixel Slate, functioning instead by a snap connector from which the device can be quickly detached.

Trond Wuellner, Google director of product management, touted the updated Chrome OS, designed for use with the touchscreen. The Pixel Slate offers a “full desktop experience, not one designed for a phone.” It also offers splitscreen and baked-in Google Assistant.

The Pixel Slate will be available later this year, starting at $599/71286.99NPR and the most expensive option being $1,599/190296.99NPR. The Pixel keyboard comes in at $199/23682.99NPR.

Source NextWeb/Google Press Release materials

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