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This era is the era of internet and everyone around us has are using this thing called internet by which a press of a button can do wonder like buying stuff online and calling in real time and many more things was just an dream in the 20th Century but now it has become common . With this commonality in the use of internet one does not about the consequences of using the internet improperly . These consequences include losing the safety , money due to scammers and hackers.

Private information Information security

1:-Protect yourself from the viruses and malicious malware from the web to enter in your computer , by having a decent firewall software . Latest versions of windows have an inbuilt firewall software which is good on a basic level.  Android and IOS also have many firewall software for android . You can also go for the commercial firewall software by giving some extra cash off your pocket , which provides some extra protection from the threats.


2:-Don’t post any personal information online even if it is a social media site view like your home address, email address or mobile number and ensure adequate privacy to stay safe .

FAce problem not facebook them


Even if it is on social networks, ensure adequate privacy settings to keep your details safe

3:-Think twice before posting pictures or videos of yourself or any of your friends or anyone because as it is said that once at thing is on the internet it will be there forever as there are billions of people on the web that it is sure that it can’t be deleted once it is posted so think and post only adequate content which is not very personal .


4:- Never reveal your passwords to anyone, especially to random websites, pop-ups, calls, etc. No Website , Bank , or any organization would ever need to ask your password out as they already have it . So give your password to only reputed websites.

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5:- If you find anything on the web disturbing or irritating or the many pop-ups or odd ads are randomly opening leave the website as soon as possible .


6:- For god sake please don’t believe on that the message that you have won a million dollar lottery and click on the link below to claim your prize . These types of things are common in the web as many of the normal people become a prey to it and click on the link and the link have an malicious code on the background that give the hacker full access for your phone .


7:- Don’t give out your credit card details out there on any unknown shopping website .


8:- If the login page of some social media site or any other website seems weird check the link , if the seems to some what different from usual then don’t give your login details as this may be a phishing link which would give your login details on to the hacker.

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9:-If you are using any social media service like facebook , instagram , gmail etc please check that your Two-factor authentication is enabled in addition to that please use complex passwords .

Be smart

10:- Last but not the least please keep your system up to date and install every security update your device provides you this will fix those vulnerability from which the hacker would have hacked your device .

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